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September 2017

My Musings: Kingsman-The Golden Circle

Beginning with a dizzyingly fast-paced action sequence that promises the same kind of high-suspense and almost ludicrous entertainment as the first film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle succeeds in packing a fun punch of a ride for the audience. Despite his acquired status as a kingsman, Eggsy still retains the boyish and innocent charm that made him endearing in the beginning, and I was perfectly content following his adventures throughout the story. Another pleasant surprise was that other supporting characters, such as Merlin and *spoiler (not really)* Harry underwent more character development as well. If I had to critique anything, it would be the seeming lack of development of the female characters along with the unnecessarily high death rate of both supporting and main characters. Still, while the plot twists were a little predictable at times, the overall film was suspenseful and eccentric. Filled with fast-action fight scenes spanning from the streets of London to a whiskey distillery in Kentucky and finally to a 1950’s retro dinner in the middle of the jungle, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is definitely worth seeing.

🎬✔︎ Would recommend for those looking for a spy movie that doesn’t even try to take itself seriously (but in a good way)

If I could describe the film in two words: bizarrely exhilarating 


The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer

Writing Playlist Spotlight: Thomas Newman


Hello, friends! Sorry for the delay. Things have been both exciting and hectic lately! Anyway, today I will be sharing another Writing Playlist. However, this time I will be spotlighting a specific composer: Thomas Newman. With credits such composing the scores for Finding Nemo and The Shawshank Redemption, Newman’s music is not only well known, but also contains a unique and signature style recognizable solely to him.

While in the past, the playlists I’ve shared have been directed to writing action sequences or developing love stories, today’s is focused more on individual character development. One of the reasons I love Newman’s work so much is because his melodies contain a sense of oldness and nostalgia that I’ve never heard anywhere else. Whereas, Hans Zimmer’s and John William’s scores usually depict epic struggles and successes, I have always felt that Newman’s music encompasses life’s everyday occurrences along with the emotions that accompany them. Emotions such as a yearning for times past, loneliness in the present, and hope for the future. In regards to writing, listening to his music helps me humanize my characters more fully by reminding me to incorporate these ordinary kinds of everyday emotions into them, thus making them more real and relatable to the reader.

Below, is a list of my favorite songs by Thomas Newman, and I hope listening to them will inspire you in your writing. Enjoy!

  1. The Smell of Coffee
  2. Whistle Stop
  3. …Shells
  4. Quite a View
  5. Spacewalk
  6. So Was Red
  7. End Title-The Shawshank Redemption
  8. Someone Else
  9. Whisper of a Thrill
  10. That Next Place
The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer



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