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The Power of Ambience


Hello, everyone! Today I would like to share with you my latest discovery and obsession with soundscapes. While writing I often listen to movie soundtracks or instrumental pieces to get me focused on my story. However, this last week when I was browsing YouTube I came across some amazing and wonderful soundscapes! Now for those who aren’t sure what soundscapes are, they are basically the multiple sounds of a particular environment or location. For example, some of the most popular ones are the crackling fireplace and the sound of falling rain.

Here are the YouTube channels and their specific videos I have had fun listening to while writing, reading, and relaxing!

The Guild of Ambience-This channel really is great at creating a realistic and immersive ambience for various exotic outdoor and indoor environments. Some of its soundscapes include:

Fantasy Medieval Townsuch a relaxing video featuring sounds of nature along with    the faint strum of musical notes and the occasional clip-clop of a passing horse-drawn wagon 

Fireplace Sounds-Medieval Tavernincorporates the crackling of a fireplace accompanied by the low hum of people’s laughter and voices while the trickle of a drink being poured into a mug immediately makes any listener’s mouth start watering 

 Pirate Shipthe creak of a ship, the sound of crashing waves. What more do I have to say? 

Waterfall Sounds-Garden Pond, Bird LifeListen to the soft and steady flow of water accompanied by birds’ songs and other sounds of nature 

Potion Shop Soundsimagine yourself in Professor Snape’s classroom and this is exactly what your ears will hear! 

Check out more here!

Yet another great channel for specifically fantasy-based soundscapes is Sword Coast Soundscapes. Some of its videos include:

Small Marketplacefeatures more distinct voices bartering and chatting as well as the sound of footsteps walking down a cobblestone street

Underwaterhow it would sound if you were 20,000 leagues under the sea

Some of the less-relaxing but still fun videos on this channel are:

Jungles of Chultthe sounds of the jungle mixed with frequent roars of human-eating monsters! 

Docks at Nightthe sound of waves, the cawing of crows, the howl of the wind, and of course, in the background the rumble of thunder

Explore more from Sword Coast Soundscapes here! 

Lastly, there is The ASMR Geek channel that has a lot of cool and eerie urban soundscapes, some of which include:

A theme park, an abandoned arcade, food court ambience

This channel also has plenty of awesome dystopian soundscapes of:

underground cities, spaceship cockpit, futuristic asian tea room in the city

As well as ones from movies and TV shows such as:

Supernatural, Star Wars, and Harry Potter 

Listen to more from this channel here!


Thanks for checking in, and I hope these soundscapes transport you to adventures of your choosing!

The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer

Writing Playlist Spotlight: Hayao Miyazaki Film Soundtracks



Lately, some of the major inspirations and influences on my writing have stemmed from anime, especially movies by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The stunning visuals of his films combined with his trademark unique and touching storytelling not only stretches the imagination but the accompanying soundtracks also provide great music to write to. Below, I thought I would list some of my favorite songs among Miyazaki’s well-known films you might like to use in your own writing. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Merry Go Round-Joe Hisaishi (Howl’s Moving Castle) 
  2. Summer’s Day-Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away) 
  3. Arriety’s Song-Cecil Corbel (The Secret World of Arriety) 
  4. The Legend of Ashitaka-Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke) 
  5. The Boy Who Swallowed a Star-Joe Hisaishi (Howl’s Moving Castle) 
  6. The Flower Garden-Joe Hisaishi (Howl’s Moving Castle) 
  7. Promise of the World (Piano Cover)-Joe Hisaishi (Howl’s Moving Castle) 


The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer

Writing Playlist Spotlight: Thomas Newman


Hello, friends! Sorry for the delay. Things have been both exciting and hectic lately! Anyway, today I will be sharing another Writing Playlist. However, this time I will be spotlighting a specific composer: Thomas Newman. With credits such composing the scores for Finding Nemo and The Shawshank Redemption, Newman’s music is not only well known, but also contains a unique and signature style recognizable solely to him.

While in the past, the playlists I’ve shared have been directed to writing action sequences or developing love stories, today’s is focused more on individual character development. One of the reasons I love Newman’s work so much is because his melodies contain a sense of oldness and nostalgia that I’ve never heard anywhere else. Whereas, Hans Zimmer’s and John William’s scores usually depict epic struggles and successes, I have always felt that Newman’s music encompasses life’s everyday occurrences along with the emotions that accompany them. Emotions such as a yearning for times past, loneliness in the present, and hope for the future. In regards to writing, listening to his music helps me humanize my characters more fully by reminding me to incorporate these ordinary kinds of everyday emotions into them, thus making them more real and relatable to the reader.

Below, is a list of my favorite songs by Thomas Newman, and I hope listening to them will inspire you in your writing. Enjoy!

  1. The Smell of Coffee
  2. Whistle Stop
  3. …Shells
  4. Quite a View
  5. Spacewalk
  6. So Was Red
  7. End Title-The Shawshank Redemption
  8. Someone Else
  9. Whisper of a Thrill
  10. That Next Place
The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer



Writing Playlist Part III: Battle/Action Scenes


In this part, I will be posting some of my favorite instrumental tracks to listen to while I’m writing action or battle scenes. The majority of these following songs consists of film scores and trailer music. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Phoenix Rising-Audiomachine
  2. Red Warrior-Audiomachine
  3. Archangel-Two Steps From Hell
  4. Praetorian Guards-Jo Blankenburg
  5. Guardians at the Gate-Audiomachine
  6. Legions of Doom-Audiomachine
  7. The Battle-Harry Gregson-Williams
  8. Firebending Training-Jeremy Zuckerman
  9. Black Blade-Two Steps From Hell
  10. Blood and Stone-Audiomachine
  11. Legacy-Fringe Element
  12. Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho-Hans Zimmer
  13. Dracarys-Ramin Djawadi
  14. Taking a Stand-Henry Jackman
  15. Finale and Curtain Call-Joe Kraemer
  16. The Majestic Tale (Of a Madman in a Box)-Murray Gold 

Writing Playlist Part II: Love Story


  1. Violin Romance-Patrick Doyle
  2. Rose Garden-Adrian Johnston
  3. Ziguenerlieube-Willi Boskovsky & Wiener Johann Strauss Orchestra
  4. To the Ball-Adrian Johnston
  5. Hotel Sayre (ft. Lana Del Rey)-Craig Armstrong
  6. Farewell to Gwen-Rohan Stevenson
  7. Lancelot Leaves-Rohan Stevenson
  8. Gwen & Arthur-Rob Lane & Rohan Stevenson
  9. We Had Today-Rachel Portman
  10. SHERlocked-David Arnold & Michael Price
  11. Forbidden Love- Abel Korzeniowski
  12. An Historic Love-Trevor Morris
  13. The Chairman’s Waltz-John Williams
  14. Angel’s Theme-Philippe Rombi
  15. Princess Leia’s Theme-John Williams

Writing Playlist Part I: Music to Inspire Stories

imageMusic plays a huge role in my writing and imagining process. Through a melody my thoughts and ideas are made clearer and more fluid. Music also has the power draw on emotions, to make those listening feel something with each note in the same way authors strive to evoke certain feelings from their readers.

In this first part, I will be posting some of my favorite tracks I find inspiring for writing. The majority of these following songs consists of film scores and trailer music. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Time- Hans Zimmer
  2. Now We Are Free- Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
  3. Merry Men- Marc Streitenfeld
  4. Flight- Hans Zimmer
  5. Confluence- Yo-Yo Ma & Itzhak Perlman
  6. Evacuating London- Harry Gregson Williams
  7. From the Western Woods to Beaversdam- Harry Gregson Williams
  8. Aurora in Faerieland- James Newton Howard
  9. Leaving Hogwarts- John Williams
  10. The Park is Closed- Michael Giacchino
  11. Ceremony of the Sunstones- Trevor Jones
  12. Mhysa- Ramin Djawadi

Note: I would love to know if you found this music inspiring or helpful. If it is, I’ll make sure to post more playlists in the future!

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