Hello once again, everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, but life’s been a little crazy. During the hiatus, however, I actually started TWO NEW MANUSCRIPTS! Right now both of these stories are centered around strong heroines, so for my first post back, I chose to discuss a film that did the same: Wonder Woman!

1. Themyscira & the Amazons

From the moment my eyes fell on the beautiful green island surrounded by a turquoise ocean, I was entranced. Every scene and detail of this paradise and its fierce inhabitants was breathtaking. I also loved how the first part of the movie set in Themyscira wasn’t rushed so that the audience was able to gain a full sense of the Amazons’ culture and traditions while still wanting to learn more.

2. Gal Gadot 

This breakout actress was truly remarkable. Not only did she portray Diana’s bravery and strength wonderfully, but she also brought out the character’s vulnerabilities and compassion in a way that was touching and real.

3. Chris Pine 

I really enjoyed Chris Pine’s portrayal of Steve Trevor, though several times I couldn’t help but get a decidedly Captain Kirk vibe (not that I’m complaining though!). Despite being Diana’s love interest, Pine managed to present Trevor in heroic but relatable way. Unlike Diana, Trevor isn’t gifted with unearthly strength or a destiny to defeat a vengeful god. He is only human, and yet by the end of the film, it is his acceptance of his own limitations that ultimately empowers him.

4. The Romance 

What I loved about the romance between Diana and Steve was that it was gradual and based on a stable sense of friendship before it transformed into something deeper. Even more importantly, it was presented in such a pure way. Sure, both Diana and Steve have a number of disagreements and challenge each others beliefs, but never once did I doubt they truly cared for each other. This is the kind of love story that fairy tales should be made of.

5. The Action 

From beginning to end, the fight scenes were beautifully choreographed and executed in way that was visually satisfying. I loved how the Amazons’ fighting style was a mixture of fantastically inhuman moves (such as high flips in the air or soaring off clifftops to shoot bows) and gritty combating techniques. Aside from basically every scene involving the Amazons, some of my other favorite action sequences included the scene where Diana saves Steve in the alley with her bullet-deflecting bracers and her awe-inducing race across the trenches of “No Man’s Land”.

6. The Sets 

As I said before, the architecture and scenery of Themyscira was visual eye candy at its finest. The Amazons’ armor was a perfect mixture of historical and fantastical attire, and in the process, Wonder Woman’s iconic outfit received a perfect upgrade. However, I also liked the stark contrast between the natural environment of the island filled with greenery and clear blue water and the industrial gray of London and the trenches.

7. Wonder Woman 

Lastly, but most importantly, the best part of this film is the development of Wonder Woman herself. Patty Jenkins did an outstanding job in incorporating a level of artfulness and ingenuity in her storytelling that many of the latest superhero movies have been drastically lacking.  As someone who has never read the comics and knew basically nothing about this iconic character beforehand, by the close of the story I had a full understanding of who Wonder Woman was and how she became this way. Even more importantly, I wanted more. More action. More storytelling. And definitely more Wonder Woman.

For those of you who have seen the movie, what were your thoughts?