So, one of the questions I have been asked various times, is why exactly do I want to be a writer? To those people who don’t share a love of creative writing this urge to sit down and begin jotting down words of a story may seem somewhat of a mystery, and even now I can say the draw I feel towards this process is not entirely explicable to myself.

I suppose the best way I could explain why I write is this; I love stories, all kinds of stories, but especially the fantastic and magical. I love the way words can coalesce to form images, to form scenes of stories in worlds both real and imagined. A combination of words printed on a page when arranged in the right manner have the power to transport you out of your own reality—away from your problems, your failures, your sorrows—to one that is entirely new. And yet…the best stories, the ones that you remember, no matter how fantastical they may be , mirror our own realities in a way that touches us, that resonates with our conscience to make us feel.

Why do I wish to be a writer? What do I hope to achieve?

I want to give people stories that will allow them to escape from their everyday troubles. I want to create stories that will change people’s lives. Stories that will inspire them to reach for their own dreams, that will make them believe that anything is possible to achieve.

I suppose you could say that I write to inspire others.

I write to save dreams.


To any other writers out there, I pose the same question to you. Why do you write?